SP1.6 The Dutch Telescience Laboratory (DUTELLA)

Providing a flexible problem solving environment for scientific experimentation and collaboration. In this VL-e environment is will be possible to share raw data, processing tools and processing workflows to automatically process data, build databases, perform database searches, distribute results, control experiments and communicate and collaborate with other researchers.

The DUTELLA project comprises three subprojects:
1. Biomarker discovery with high resolution LC-FTICRMS.
Look for different proteins in diseased and healthy patients, which could be used as marker for a particular disease.
2. Molecular imaging.
Determine the spatial distribution of (bio-) molecules present in complex biological surfaces and investigate their high resolution molecular structure.
3. Combining various types of data about a sample.
A sample can be investigated with various techniques, the combined result can tell more about the sample then each result separately.


Programme leader

Prof.dr. R. M. A. Heeren (Ron), AMOLF
heeren *AT* amolf DOT nl
020 608 1234

People working at SP1.6

Drs. Erika Amstaldenas
Prof.dr. R.M.A. Heeren
Ing. I. Klinkert
Ing. M. Konijnenburg