SP1.5 Bioinformatics PSE

It is essential to have extensive bioinformatics support to manage the vast amount of highly diverse data sets that are generated in the different 'omics' domains of life sciences. It is equally essential to have specialized bioinformatics software tools to analyse, integrate and model these data from complex biological systems in order to unravel their systemic properties. This subproject will focus on bioinformatics of biological data-integration. The most important challenge is to set up a specific bioinformatics problem-solving environment within the VL-e framework, in which life sciences researchers will be able to integrate experiment data from different 'omics' levels, thus allowing understanding and modelling of cellular processes.

Integrative Bioinformatics Unit of the Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences


Programme leader

Dr. T.M. Breit (Timo), IBU, UvA
breit *AT* science DOT uva DOT nl
tel: 020 525 7058

People working at SP1.5

Dr. Marcia Alves de Inda, IBU, UvA
Dr. Timo Breit, IBU, UvA
Drs. Oscar Bruning, IBU, UvA
Prof. dr. Roel van Driel, SILS, UvA
Drs. Lennart Post, SILS , UvA
Drs. Han Rauwerda, IBU, UvA