SP1.4 Biodiversity

This subprogramme has two main components:
1. EcoGrid, a national database for biodiversity information. The most important activities are:
a. to develop and implement a generic data model for VOFF organisations (data collecting organisations),
b. to develop and implement the virtual spatial database EcoGrid,
c. to develop generic methodologies and tools for scale conversion of data, and
d) spatial data mining of the ecological data.

2. a PSE for integrated analysis of observations and model results. Services will be developed for model parameter identification and data assimilation. The generic methodologies will be tested and applied while developing a dynamic Bird Avoidance Model on the basis of radar measurements.


Programme leader

Prof.dr.ir. Willem Bouten, UvA
wbouten *AT* science DOT uva DOT nl
tel: 020 525 7412/7451

People working at SP1.4

Jelmer van Belle, RNLAF
Willem Bouten, UvA
Adrienne Lemair, VOFF
Emiel van Loon, UvA
Victor Mensing, VOFF/Vlinderstichting
Guido van Reenen, UvA
Judy Shamoun, UvA
Henk Sierdsema, VOFF/SOVON
Floris Sluiter, UvA
J. Vrugt, UvA
Dick Zoetebier, VOFF/SOVON