SP1.2 Food Informatics

The Sub-Project 'Food Informatics' aims at the design and development of a problem-solving environment for Dutch food research institutes and industry based on application of the latest information management and high-speed network technologies. This environment should support and enhance the competitive position of parties involved in the rapidly expanding world of food science and technology, and their related markets, by enabling their knowledge workers state of the art access to and use of both the vast amount of data and information as well as computing resources, irrespective of their location or formats.


Programme leader

Dr. D.J.P. Out (Dirk), Unilever
dirk DOT out *AT* unilever DOT com
tel: 010 460 5678

People working at SP1.2

Evangelos Alexopoulos
Johanneke Busch
Hilbert Bruinsslot
Diego Faneyte
Sandra A. Bausch-Goldbohm
Lars Hulzebos
Nicole Koenderink
Marc J. E. C. van der Maarel
Dirk Out
Marcel Paques
Sarah Rodgers
Hajo Rijgersberg
Jan Top